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Scholl Corn Removal Plasters use a unique formula to remove corns from feet. Corns, that occur on toes as a result of excessive pressure from footwear, can be a constant source of irritation and an unnecessary stress in your day. The Scholl disk system means that the Salicylclic acid, which helps to break down hardened skin and remove excess skin cells, is only applied to the infected area, ensuring the surrounded skin is protected. The soft cushioning pad relieves pain and pressure and the adhesive is dermatologically tested.

Using Scholl Removal Plasters is easy. First ensure that your feet are clean and dry. Remove the medicated plaster from its packaging and apply to the infected area with the adhesive against the skin. Cover with the pad and fasten securely with the straps. Repeat daily until the corn has been removed. Do not use if you have circulatory issues, are sensitive to aspirin, or the area around the corn is red and inflamed. Use for more than two weeks only after seeking medical advice. Contact your doctor if any side effects occur.


  • Contains four waterproof plasters and four medicated disks
  • Removes corns from toes
  • The Scholl Disc System helps to protect surrounding healthy skin.
  • Soft cushioning pad for pressure and pain relief
  • Adhesive is dermatologically tested
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