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Revlon Professional Uniq 1 All in One Hair Treatment Lotus Flower is a beautifully floral-scented version of Revlon's best-selling original Uniq One hair treatment. Just spritz it on to damp hair to repair, control and add shine! The floral fragrance combines notes of light citrus fruits, lotus flower and musk. It lavishes your hair with benefits, repairing damaged and dry hair, while restoring shine and helping to control frizz, leaving hair smooth and silky. Uniq One protects from heat damage when styling, and it contains UVA and UVB filters to protect your colour. It helps to detangle hair, making it easier to brush, comb and iron, helping your hairstyle to last longer. It even boosts body and volume and helps prevent split ends. That's 10 incredible benefits in just one bottle!

Instructions for use:
On wet hair:
- Apply at a 20cm distance from the hair.
- Use 6-8 sprays in short hair, 7-12 in medium hair and 10-15 in long hair.
- Detangle with a comb.
- Use your preferred styling product.
- Finish with your usual style: blow-dry, straighten, leave to dry naturally etc.
- Use your daily finishing product.
- Results: The hair is smooth, silky, shiny and protected.
On dry hair:
- Apply on the palm of your hand.
- Use 2-3 sprays in short hair, 3-5 in medium hair and 4-6 in long hair.
- Apply an appropriate amount of product to the palm of the hand and distribute over the hair from half-length down to the ends.
- If desired, use your styling product.
- Retouch the hair using a styling iron or hairdryer.
- If desired, use finishing product.
- Result: Ideal for refreshing your hair style and providing a long lasting, soft and silky finish.