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Optibac Babies & Children Probiotic 30PK

Optibac Babies & Children Probiotic 30PK

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Our little ones might need some extra help when it comes to their tummy’s health. A child’s digestive system needs adequate levels of good bacteria to ensure optimal digestive health. Certain bacteria actually help the body to digest food properly and help to defend it from stomach upset and infections. OptiBac Probiotics for Babies & Children has a special formula that contains a mixture of beneficial bacteria that helps to support your child’s digestive system. Simply mix with your child's favourite cold foods or beverages. This probiotics can be taken with formula milk when it is at room temperature. Please do not use warm water as heat reduces the viability of natural bacteria contain in the formula.


Infants from birth to 3 years: 1 sachet per day

Kids 4 - 12 years: 1 to 2 sachets per day as desired

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers: 1 sachet per day

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