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Oilatum Emollient is a bath emollient for eczema and dry skin conditions. Its dual action provides soothing rehydration and helps prevent further drying. It disperses in bath water (unlike ordinary bath oils which can form a film on the surface) giving you an inviting, milky bath which also cleanses, so no soap is required.

Benefits & Features

  • Provides Soothing Rehydration 
  • Prevents drying 
  • Soap Free 

How To Use

  • Adults: Adults and children: add 1-3 capfuls to a 20cm bath. Soak for 10-20 mins. Pat skin dry using a soft, clean towel. For maximum benefit, use twice daily
  • Children: Infants: add ½-2 capfuls to a small bath of water. Apply gently over the body with a sponge. Pat skin dry using a soft, clean towel. For maximum 
  • Always use with water, either added to the bath or apply to wet skin. 
  • Take care to avoid slipping in the bath.
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