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BetterYou DLux Junior provides a daily dose of vitamin D in a convenient oral spray. Vitamin D works in the body promoting the development and maintenance of bones and teeth whilst also supporting a healthy immune system, and aiding muscle development. With 400IU of vitamin D in each daily spray, DLux Junior is suitable for children with none of the fuss of capsules and water. DLux Junior does not have to be taken at a set time of day. Simply give your child one spray a day, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. The oral spray is applied directly into the mouth, where it's absorbed through the mucous membrane and then into the blood system. Research has found that underneath the tongue or on the inside of the cheek are the best areas for absorption.


  • Fast & effective with a great peppermint flavour
  • Daily dose of vitamin D in a convenient oral spray
  • Suitable for children 3 years of age and above