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The Medicare Small 7 Day Pill Reminder is a high quality, compact 7 day medication organizer.

The pill organiser features an "easy-click" opening and closing mechanism for each compartment, that is easy to open and clicks safely back into place with ease.

A sturdy design, with high visibility and raised lettering for each compartment clearly labeled for each day of the week. 

The simple-to-use detachable units are pocket sized and can easily fit into a handbag or inside pocket for convenient use outside of the home. 

The base of the pillbox features a curve to enable easy removal of each pill. The letters, denoting each day of the week, are highly durable and are raised with braille markings to assist the sight-impaired to find the correct compartment. 

This Pill Box is ideal compact and ideal for travelling or carrying in a bag. It would be an ideal product for someone who wishes to prepare medication for a relative, or to act as a reminder to take medications.