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When using Corsodyl may cause discolouration of the tongue and teeth, but this is not permanent and disappears after treatment is stopped. Tooth staining can largely be prevented by:

  1. Brushing daily with a conventional toothpaste and rinsing thoroughly with water, before using Corsodyl.
  2. Avoiding tannin-containing food and drinks (e.g. tea, coffee, red wine) for at least one hour after using Corsodyl.

However in some cases, a simple scale and polish by your dentist or hygienist may be necessary to remove the discolouration completely. Dentures may be cleaned with conventional denture cleaner.

What is it for?

Corsodyl Mouthwash is an antibacterial solution which inhibits the formation of dental plaque. It can be used as an aid to: Treat and prevent gingivitis (gum disease). Maintain mouth hygiene. Promote gum healing after dental surgery or treatment. Manage recurring mouth ulcers. Manage denture sore mouth and oral thrush.

How to Use

Only if seal on cap is present and intact before opening. Fill the cap to the 10ml line. Twice daily, thoroughly rinse the mouth with 10ml Corsodyl for about one minute. A course of about one month (600ml) is recommended for the treatment of gingivitis. When treating denture sore mouth, dentures should also be cleansed and soaked in solution for 15 minutes twice daily.

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