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Product Description

Carnation Vericaps are designed to treat veruccas, the smooth felt pads help alleviate pressure on your foot that veruccas can bring. The smooth and comfortable pad is made with an active medicated centre that help remove your verucca.

Benefits & Features

  • Helps to alleviate pressure on your foot that verruca can bring 
  • Smooth & Comfortable 
  • Activated medicated centre that helps removes your verruca


  • For optimum results ensure your feet are washed and dry, which will ensure that the adhesive pad sticks for longer.
  • Once your feet are washed and dry peel a medicated pad from the backing paper.
  • Apply the medicated pad so that the paste is covering your verucca.
  • Only use the medicated pads on your foot for two days in a row. Then change for a fresh one.
  • Use the medicated plaster for a period of 8 days, only changing them every second day.
  • For more information on how to use Carnation Vericaps please read the packaging carefully.