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Product Description

Vicks Nasal stick assists in reducing nasal decongestion and bunged up noses.

Benefits & Features

  • Menthol, camphor and Siberian pine needle oil combine to unblock your nose, breathing  becomes clear and cool
  • Effective and compact, use Vicks Inhaler whenever you need to
  • Helps relieve a blocked nose caused by allergies

How To Use

  • Adults and children over 6 years: Vicks Inhaler is used by inserting the inhaler into each nostril, holding the other nostril closed and inhaling deeply. 
  • It can be used as frequently as needed.
  • Children under 6 years: Not recommended

Active ingredients

Menthol 125mg, camphor 50mg, Siberian pine needle oil 10mg. Also contains methyl salicylate.