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Product Description

The Tanning Mitt of Dreams! Ensure a perfectly flawless, streak-free finish every time with the Tantastic Flawless Finish Tanning Mitt.

The soft, velvety surface is gentle on the face and body, while the lotion-proof material keeps hands safe from unwanted colour stains. Suitable for use with all Tantastic tanning products, including our Liquid tans.

 Benefits & Features

  • The Tanning Mitt makes applying your fake tan product even easier.
  • Reusable and machine washable.
  • The Tanning Mitt is re-useable and designed to help the self -tan product glides evenly and easily onto your skin.
  • Place mitt onto the hand.
  • Add a small amount of tan onto the foam surface of the mitt.
  • Massage the tan onto the body by using circular motions with the mitt.
  • Wear loose clothing to allow your skin room to breathe; a onesie is perfect!
  • Keep your skin dry (in other words, avoid all contact with water)
  • Do not apply any other products over your tan which is still developing
  • Rinse off any remaining colour guide with warm water.