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Product Description

Selsun suspension is a medicated shampoo used to treat dandruff and seborrhoea dermatitis. It works against dandruff in two ways; by reducing greasiness of the scalp and by slowing down growth of the layer of skin cells on the scalp that cause dandruff.

Benefits & Features

  • Treats Dandruff & Seborrhoea Dermatitis
  • Reducing greasiness of the scalp & by slowing down growth of the layer of skin cells on the scalp that cause dandruff


  • Adults, (including elderly) and children over 5 years old
  • Shake bottle well before use
  • Wet the hair and then massage enough into your scalp to form a lather
  • Leave for two to three minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Children under 5 years of age: Selsun Shampoo is not recommended for use in children under 5 years of age.
  • Selsun should be used twice a week for the first two weeks and then once a week for the next two weeks. 
  • After this first course of treatment, it should not be used more often than is needed to control your scalp condition.
  • Only apply to the scalp avoid getting it into your eyes, if this occurs wash immediately with cold water
  • Rinse thoroughly from the hair before dyeing, tinting, perming or chemical straightening


  • Purified Water, Monoethanolamine Lauryl Sulphate, Empigen BB, Bentonite, Glyceryl Monoricinoleate S, Sodium Chloride, Titanium Dioxide, Perfume, Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate, Citric Acid.

Warnings or Restrictions

Do not use if:

  • You have broken or severely inflamed skin on your scalp
  • Take out hair grips and remove jewellery before use and avoid contact with metal surfaces
  • Do not leave the shampoo in contact with the hair or skin for more than the recommended duration as irritation, burning sensation or blistering may occur
  • Please consult your pharmacist or doctor before using this medicine if you are currently pregnant, likely to get pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Please consult your pharmacist or doctor if you are currently taking any other medicines as this may cause an interaction
  • If you think you may be allergic to any of the ingredients contained in this medicine, please seek medical advice before taking
  • If you have any questions after you have bought this medication, please speak to your pharmacist