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Product Description

Savlon Advanced Healing Gel is  for the treatment of wounds which also heals skin by covering the wound and creating a moist healing environment. Savlon Advanced Healing Gel may also be used in open wounds.

Benefits & Features

  • Treats minor wounds (e.g cuts & grazes) and superficial burns.
  • Contains hydro-active colloid formula which soothes pain
  • The gel also creates optimal healing conditions which reduces scarring


  • Wash hands before and after treating the wound. Clean and dry the wound before applying gel. 
  • For superficial burns and minor wounds (e.g. grazes, cuts)
  • Carefully apply Savlon Healing Gel to the wound (without rubbing) once or twice per day (in the case of sunburn apply twice to six times daily). If necessary cover the wound with a plaster or dressing and change daily.
  • For open wounds (without substantial breach of the dermis) and superficial bedsores (only under supervision of a doctor or a nurse):
  • Apply a thick layer of Savlon Advanced Healing Gel (5 mm) onto the wound avoiding the wound edges. Cover with a sterile non-adhesive dressing and fix with gauze or a bandage. Leave in place as long as the gel structure is intact. Open wounds change daily. Superficial bedsores change daily for every two days.