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Instead of treating hay fever symptoms once they have set in, Prevalin tackles the root cause of hay fever before full blown symptoms even occur. With its unique approach, Prevalin lines the inside of the nose, deactivating pollen and getting to the root of the problem - addressing all significant hay fever symptoms, without the side-effects.

Prevalin allergy nasal spray is a unique formulation that changes from a gel to liquid state easily after shaking; this makes it easier to spray into the nose.

Once shaken Prevalin becomes a liquid that can be easily sprayed into the nose. It then forms a stable and impermeable microgel barrier blocking the allergens from irritating the nasal mucosa and causing symptoms.

Prevalin's triple action formula ensures an effective treatment preventing pollen from irritating the mast cells and releasing histamines:

Prevalin's patented formula contains specific ingredients that uniquely deactivate pollen in the nose so it cannot irritate the nasal mucosa.

Prevalin's microgel formula then forms an impermeable layer on the mucosa for protection against pollen irritation.

Prevalin also stimulates the clearance of pollen from the body.