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-Strengthens, tones and visibly improves the appearance of delicate gums and mucous membranes.
-Thanks to hyaluronic acid, it deeply moisturises and gives elasticity to the oral mucosa, providing an immediate sensation of comfort.
-Thanks to its composition, it helps to control the dental biofilm.
Indicated for oral hygiene in cases of periodontal, surgical and peri-implant treatments.

How to use

Apply the gel two or three times a day with a brush softor a cotton swab, massaging the gums. You can also apply the gel with your finger on the application area. Apply for 1-2 weeks, or as recommended by the dentist.

After use it is recommended:
-Do not rinse your mouth.
-Do not brush your teeth.
-Do not swallow food and drink for at least half an hour.


  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • It is contraindicated in patients who have shown hypersensitivity reaction to chlorhexidine.
  • In some cases, a slight alteration of taste may occur, which usually disappears quickly.
  • After prolonged use and contact with certain foods or beverages, such as wine, coffee or tobacco, discolouration may appear on teeth and fillings. This discolouration is not permanent and can be removed with appropriate dental prophylaxis.
  • Do not swallow.