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Skin Ä?żË? an effective astringent eases puffiness and clears congested dull skin.

Skeletal Ä?żË? joint problems including arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis.

Muscular Ä?żË? pain relief for sport and exercise related injuries.

Circulatory Ä?żË? stimulates poor circulation and improves low blood pressure.

Nervous Ä?żË? refreshes and clears the mind; improves and aids memory; relieves headaches, migraines and vertigo.

Respiratory Ä?żË? a good decongestant and useful for colds, flu, sinusitis and chest infections.

General Ä?żË? a diuretic thus aids fluid retention and obesity.


Rosemary grows worldwide but it comes mainly from the Mediterranean countries such as France, Spain and Italy. The leaves and flowers of the herb are used to make the essential oil which is extracted by steam distillation.


During the Middle Ages, rosemary was placed under pillows to ward off nightmares and visits from evil spirits, it is still a common ingredient in incense used to cleanse sacred spaces. It was used for poor digestion, migraine, joint disorders and muscle aches. The plant contains salicylic acid, the forerunner of aspirin, perhaps explaining why massaging the oil of rosemary into joints effectively eases arthritis or rheumatic pain.


Rosemary has emmenagogue properties to encourage menstruation so should be avoided by pregnant women Not to be used by those suffering with epilepsy Rosemary has hypertensive properties meaning it can bring low blood pressure up so therefore should not be used by anyone suffering with high blood pressure.