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Product Benefits

Skin Ä?żË? helps cell regeneration and benefits dry, mature skins, scars and stretch marks, thread veins, eczema and psoriasis.

Circulatory Ä?żË? tonic for circulation (especially varicose veins) and eases palpitations due to its calming effect.

Nervous Ä?żË? lifts depression, relieves stress related conditions, especially insomnia and anxiety; eases neuralgia, calms and soothes nerves and nerve endings

Reproductive Ä?żË? relieves PMT.

A wonderfully uplifting oil!


Neroli or Orange Blossom is the blossom flowers from the orange tree. The essential oil if obtained from the flowers (by steam distillation) and 100 pounds of blossoms are required to produce 1 pound of essential oil! It is usually grown in the Mediterranean countries such as France, Spain, Egypt, Italy and Northern Africa and also grown in the USA.


Historically the Chinese and the Native tribes of the Amazon used Neroli to treat such gastrointestinal complaints such as indigestion and heartburn. With its haunting, heady and floral scent Neroli oil is widely used in aromatherapy and perfumery. It was first used in Europe in French folk tradition to symbolise love, joy, courage and purity. The flowers from which Neroli is extracted were used to make bridal wreaths, and the oil sprinkled on the marriage bed in order to calm nervous brides! The tradition spread throughout Europe, and Neroli began to be used in perfumery in the nineteenth century. It is said that Neroli was named after Anna Maria de la Tremoille, a princess of Neroli during the seventeenth century, who loved the oil so much the she scented anything she possibly could from it.


Neroli is not known to have contraindications.