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Skin Ä?żË? helps heal bruising.

Skeletal Ä?żË? eases joint problems.

Muscular Ä?żË? eases aches and pains, especially after sport, also helps period cramps.

Circulatory Ä?żË? lowers high blood pressure, improves poor circulation and prevents chilblains.

Nervous Ä?żË? calms and soothes the emotions, especially in times of stress, grief and loneliness; good for headaches, insomnia and migraines.

Digestive Ä?żË? eases stomach cramps, indigestion and constipation.

Respiratory Ä?żË? eases congestion in the nose and sinuses, relieves asthma and bronchitis.


The greenish-yellow essential oil is distilled from the plantÄ?żË?s flowering tops. The oil is extracted by steam distillation. Marjoram is mainly grown in Mediterranean countries such as Spain and France, also in North Africa.


Traditionally, marjoram was give to those who felt unstable, physically debilitated or irritable. Ancient Greeks planted the herb on their ancestors graves to ensure them a peaceful sleep. The Romans said that the goddess Venus used marjoram to cure her son ErosÄ?żË? wounds and that it was scentless until she touched it. Marjoram is probably what is called Ä?żË?hyssopÄ?żË? in the Bible, where it is noted for personal cleansing and purification of the temples.


Marjoram is an emmenagogue and therefore should not be used during pregnancy.