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Product Benefits

Skin; benefits all skin types, balances sebum and helps keep skin supple; tonifies dull and congested skins; improves circulation thus preventing chilblains and enlivening pale skin and broken capillaries.

Circulatory/Lymphatic; improves circulation and stimulates. lymphatic system; good for odema and cellulite.

Nervous; a tonic, lifts the spirits and relieves anxiety and depression.

Endocrine/Reproductive; balances the hormones, thus regulating PMT; menopause (especially depression linked with menopause) and good for heavy periods.


The whole plant contains the essential oil so most of it is used: the leaves, flowers and flower stalks. Geranium plants are originally native to South Africa but are now grown worldwide, especially in Mediterranean Europe, Russia and Egypt. The oil is extracted by steam distillation.


This floral, woody and rosy scent is uplifting. The use of this oil dates back to early Egypt. During the 17th century it was introduced to Europe. Today it is used throughout the world and with about ten species used in essential oils. In Bulgarian folk tradition it is an emblematic plant and in almost every garden; it is a symbol of health, wealth and longevity!


Do not use on very sensitive skin Do not use during early pregnancy.