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Product Benefits

Skin Ä?żË? good for infections and dull, congested skin; good for use against burns, wounds and outbreaks of spots.

Skeletal Ä?żË? eases rheumatism.

Muscular Ä?żË? relieves aches and pains.

Nervous Ä?żË? clears the head and calms the emotions.

Respiratory Ä?żË? effective for all cold and flu symptoms as well as throat infections; good to use for catarrh, sinusitis, asthma, infections, coughs (it is a good expectorant thus clears mucus by encouraging coughs).

Urinary Ä?żË? good for cystitis.

Immune Ä?żË? stimulates bodyÄ?żË?s immunity against infection.


The Eucalyptus tree is a native of Tasmania and Australia but is now grown in the Mediterranean countries like Spain and Portugal. There are actually more than 700 species of Eucalyptus tree. The leaves and twigs of the tree are used to make the oil which is extracted by steam distillation.


Essential oil extracted from eucalyptus leaves contains compounds that are powerful disinfectants and can be toxic in large quantities. Several marsupial herbivore, particularly koalas and possums are relatively tolerant of it. It is the main ingredient for our very popular Ogam Decongest for respiratory conditions and ailments.


May irritate the skin so only use in low dilutions It is incompatible with homeopathic remedies. Toxic if taken internally.