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Product Benefits

Muscular Ä?żË? application of 3 drops of citronella oil to the painful region (mixed with a carrier oil prior to massaging).

Digestive Ä?żË? soothing and calming for internal inflammation in the digestive tract and stomach.

Nervous Ä?żË? an effective antidepressant, and can help people get rid of gloominess and mental fatigue, a great mood elevator.

Skin Ä?żË? its antibacterial properties are helpful in reducing skin infections such as acne, warts, boils etc. The antiseptic nature of this oil may prevent wounds and injuries from getting septic.

A very good insect repellent.


A tall aromatic perennial grass originating in Sri Lanka. The main producers now are China and Indonesia, producing 40% of the world supply. The grassy leaf is used for the oil which is extracted by steam distillation.


The leaves of Citronella have been used for their aromatic and medicinal values in many cultures, for fever, intestinal parasites, digestive and menstrual problems, as a stimulant and an insect repellent. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine for rheumatic pain.


Can cause skin problems if one is allergic to the oil. Should be used with caution if pregnant. Can increase heart rate when inhaled.