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The combination of active substances releases the water compounded in the stool, thus loosening up the stool. The result is predictable relief within 30 minutes, like a normal bowel movement. The laxative takes action locally so it is unlikely to cause bowel habituation.
Microlax is gentle acting and can be used for children under 3 years of age and pregnant women.
MICROLAX® is easy to use in a squatting position or in your usual position on the toilet.
Twist and pull off the cap and press a drop of MICROLAX® out to coat the tip of the mini-tube. This makes insertion easier and not unpleasant.
Now insert the tube neck completely into the rectum. This is easy and gentle as the mini-tube is smooth, round and thin, significantly thinner than a suppository.
Now squeeze out the entire contents. There is only 5 ml, equivalent to 1 teaspoon, so you should not feel it at all.
When pulling the tube out, continue to squeeze the tube.
Then get up and tighten your buttocks muscles to prevent the solution from running out.
It is important that you wait at least 5 minutes until your next toilet visit, allowing your stool to soften.
You should have a gentle bowel movement within 30 minutes.
After use just throw the mini-tube in the bin.
Sodium Citrate 450mg/5ml
Sodium Lauryl Sulphoacetate 45mg/5ml