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A Tubular bandage is often used as a bottom layer when applying plaster casts or removable splints to keep the swelling reduced. The use of compression reduces swelling, either from getting there in the first place or by disseminating the fluids already there. Sport Tubular Support Bandages are lengths of close weave stretchy cotton used to support different limbs. The widths are for different limb sizes and tubular bandages come in either 1m or 10m lengths. The dimensions used are the flat width of the tubular bandage when lying on a flat surface. A Tubular bandage should be applied as a double layer, to ensure best support. 
The support bandage should be applied from the joint below the injury to the joint above. For instance, in order to support and compress the elbow, the tubular bandage should go from the wrist to the shoulder or to support and compress the wrist, the bandage should go from the elbow to the knuckles. 

 Easy to Use and can re-applied when needed
 Comfortable to wear and stays in place 
 Allows complete freedom of movement 
 Continuous even support provided 

• Size D: 7.5cm x 1m 
• Suitable for large wrist and elbow, medium ankle and small knee

Advice and Precautions: 
 Always apply the tubular support as a double layer 
 Do not try to treat serious sprains or strains at home. 
 Use on intact uninjured skin only 
 DO not apply support too tightly. Refer to the size guide on the reverse for your correct size 
 Remove support if numbness or tingling occurs
 If in doubt about an injury, seek medical advice 

Instructions for use:

 Cut to twice the length of the affected area 
 Pull the first half up the limb 
 Pull the second half up the limb over the top of the first layer