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Product Description

This super convenient tablet splitting unit is incredibly durable and easy to clean.

This nifty little device can quickly and effortlessly split any sized medication in half, in a matter of seconds. It’s so easy to use and its compact design makes it ideal for thecar, bag, purse etc. 

The plastic material of this Pill Cutter is very easy to wipe down and clean. It can also be popped in the dishwasher without risk of damage, due to its durable, sturdy design. 

So easy to use, simply open the unit, place the tablet inside and close the lid down on the tablet to enable the stainless steel blade to split the pill in two. 

This handy and compact tool expertly cuts pills in half for ease of swallowing or to enable a person to ingest or schedule half doses.

This Pill Cutter is effective on the smaller tablets, which can be quite difficult to break. 

The Pill Splitter also has a convenient compartment base for storing pills, after or before splitting. 

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