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Product Description

Kin Gingival Mouthwash is a new alcohol-free product that helps in excessive formation of dental plaque and gingivitis. The main active ingredient of KIN Gingival mouthwash is 0.12% chlorhexidine.

 Benefits & Features

  • Healthy Gums:  Chlorhexidine, the primary ingredient of Kin Gingival, prevents the growth of microorganisms from bacterial plaque, thus ensuring healthy gingival tissues.
  • Reducing pain of sensitive teeth:  Fluoride, the second ingredient of Kin Gingival, makes dental enamel more resistant to the dissolving action of the acid produced by the plaque, thus blocking the mechanism which causes caries, while making teeth less sensitive.
  • Prevents Bad Breath:  Kin Gingival toothpaste resolves and eliminates the problem of halitosis (bad breath), fighting it at its source.

 When should be used:

  • In case of excessive formation of bacterial plaque.
  • Prevention of gingivitis.
  • For use in periodontal treatment.
  • Prevention of dental decay (caries).

How to Use

  • Rinse for 30 seconds with 15 ml of undiluted product, preferably after brushing, in the mornings and at nights. 
  • Do not eat or drink until half an hour after its use. 
  • Do not swallow