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Galfer Syrup is a sugar free liquid containing ferrous fumarate which are used to replace low levels of iron in the blood, for the treatment and prevention of anaemia caused by iron deficiency. It can be taken by adults and children.

Directions for use:

Adults, the elderly and children over 12 years: 

  • To prevent iron deficiency take two 5ml spoonfuls once a day. 
  • To treat iron deficiency take two 5ml spoonfuls once or twice a day

Take this medicine before meals on an empty stomach if possible. If Galfer Syrup upsets your stomach, take it with or after food. 

Some foods such as tea, eggs and milk may reduce the amount of iron absorbed by the body. Check with the doctor or pharmacist about which foods to avoid. 

Galfer Syrup may make your stools darker than usual. This is a normal effect of medicines containing iron. 

Galfer Syrup may blacken the teeth. To help prevent this, rinse your mouth with water after taking. 

Vitamin C and drinks containing citric acid may increase the amount of Iron absorbed.

If your symptoms have not started to improve after 28 days, you should ask your doctor for advice. 

Treatment should not normally carry on for more than 3 months after the iron deficiency has been corrected. Your doctor will advise you when to stop.