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Product Description

Dulcolax Pico Liquid is a fruit flavoured liquid to bring gentle overnight relief from constipation. By stimulating both the colon and the rectum it may also help the bowel to return to normal regular function.


  • Adults and children over 10 years old, take one or two 5 ml spoonsful at night.
  • If you have not taken Dulcolax before start with one 5 ml spoonful and then increase to two if necessary.
  • When bowel movement has returned to normal, the dose can be stopped. 

Active Ingredients

Eacg 5 ml contains 5 mg of sodiium picosulfate (as monohydrate).

Other ingredients: carmellose sodium, methyl parahydroxybonzoate (E218), propyl parahydroxybonzoate (E216), glycerol, aroma tutti frutti (flavouring). saccharin, sodium, sunset yellow FCF (E110), ethanol (5.9% v/v), sodium hydroxide solution and water.