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The Lip Quads have landed! Introducing the Must Have; the 4 in 1 Lip Liner Pen. With this you can create a fuller pout in seconds with any lip look you want...anywhere, any time.

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This Edition boasts 4 lip liners that are pout perfecting, non drying & long lasting; 

Blush: This soft blush nude color is perfect for a neutral looking pout. Wear it on its own, with some lip balm or with a light lipstick for a pout that no one will even know you’ve perfected!

Bay: This neutral brown/pink liner is the ideal accomplice for a nude pink lip where you really don’t want it to be all about the pink. Wear it on its own all over the lip, with some lip balm or with a lighter lipstick for a softly defined neutral lip.

Rose: This rose toned pink liner is amazing at creating a fuller lip look whilst still keeping it soft. It’s not a fuscia or a baby pink, it’s a deeper tone that will work on anyone. Wear it on its own all over the lip, with some lip balm or with a lighter or same colored lipstick for the perfectly defined lip.

Rouge: This warm red/berry toned liner is perfect for anyone looking to create the ideal statement lip. If you want a classic red finish pair it with a red lipstick, if you want to go bold and red isn’t your thing use a burgundy toned color instead. And if you want your lipstick to last but aren’t brave enough to go all out then use a nude toned lipstick into the centre. This will tone it down whilst still keeping the outline and full of a statement lip.