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How to use

baby moisturiser:

Pump a cherry-size amount onto hands then smooth all over body, face, hands and feet. Always smooth down the body to prevent clogging pores.  

baby wash:

Massage a small amount of baby wash all over the body as it foams, then rinse off with warm running water. 

baby bedtime bubbles:

Pour a generous amount under warm running water to create foaming, fragrant bubbles.

nappy cream:

Apply cream to a dry and clean bottom after every nappy change. Can also be used on dry skin on any part of the body or face. 

bath thermometer:

Leave the Childs Farm baby bath thermometer in water for 15 seconds. If ‘+’ is illuminated, water temperatures is too hot (above 38°C), if ‘-‘ is illuminated, water temperature is too cold (under 36°C), if ‘tick’ is illuminated water temperature is just right (between 36-38°C). If thermometer strip remains black adjust water temperature until ‘tick’ appears illuminated.

If product gets in eyes, rinse well with water. External use only. If irritation occurs wash with copious amounts of water and stop use.