Infants skin reactions.

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Everyone always imagines that their newborn baby's skin will be flawless & smooth.However there are several different types of rashes that you can encounter  on your baby's skin. It is always useful for parents to gain knowledge about different skin conditions so it makes it easier to identify them & seek medical help & help select the correct product to use.

Your baby's skin can  be quite sensitive to the environment, however it will soon develop its effective defence barrier and acquire an immune system.When  your baby is born their skin is sterile and will be colonised by the bacteria closest to them.This is one of the reasons why skin-to-skin is so important,as your baby can gain their first colonisation of friendly bacteria from you.It is also important to bath your baby infrequently to prevent their skin being stripped of its naturally developing oils.

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Frequently referred to as 'milk spots ' milia have nothing to do with breastfeeding or milk.There is still uncertainty as to their cause but dermatologists believe they may be due to do newborn skin glands being underdeveloped & enable a build of skin oils to occur temporaily.

Nappy Rash

A common skin reaction most babies develop at some stage while wearing nap[pies.It is often caused by exposure to urine on delicate newborn skin and the abrasion of a nappy against their skin.

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